Phone / SMS / Signal (Preferred) / WhatsApp / Telegram: +1 971 319 0682
Skype ID: aaronispearl

IF MEETING: If you’d like to have a meeting, here is my scheduling system.

IF URGENT*: email, where …
a = aaron
b = is
c = zimmerman

IF I still don’t respond: try contacting me at (you will pay $ / BTC for my response, with all proceeds donated to the Blockchain Education Network)

IF you like forms:

*PLEASE only write here if very urgent, e.g. something is on fire, I’m +5 minutes late to a meeting I scheduled with you, etc. It’s my personal phone and notifications are usually on (otherwise I have all notifications off). Also, please keep in mind I’m on London time (~ 21:00 – 9:00 GMT I’m sleeping).

P.S. Apologies if this seems like an impersonal pipeline, that is not my intent. I highly recommend putting a little time into architecting your contact / meeting / scheduling system, it does save time + less screen time 🙂