Ian Perlmutter

Ian Perlmutter, my brother, died early Saturday morning. Investigators have NOT been able to rule out murder. I’ve been receiving condolences, which I appreciate, BUT I would rather direct resources and energy toward the investigation itself. If this was in fact a murder, the investigation is HIGHLY time sensitive. He died in Louisville, Colorado, a small town near Boulder, and I’m concerned there are not sufficient resources and expertise for a complete investigation (with all respect to the investigators) – in particular, a sophisticated forensics laboratory is crucial to uncovering the truth behind his death. Again, rather than send condolences, I would prefer help with any of the following (or if you have a unique approach, feel free to share):

  1. Recruiting private investigators – either local or non-local.
  2. Recruiting forensics experts.
  3. I’m considering putting out a bounty, but would want to structure it effectively (so to not incentive fake news). Do you have any ideas on how to do this intelligently?
  4. Colorado press is highly dysfunctional (google “Colorado Sun”). If you know anyone in Colorado, please share this article with them, as awareness will help draw out witnesses.


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  1. Hello Aaron! I am sorry to hear of this business with your brother and I do know someone from Colorado. Joe Ford. Great guy and he would snoop around and have friends check this situation out. I am your Uncle Sam, MY younger brother your Uncle John. I am kidding but John and I go waaaaayyy back! I am sure John has mentioned me. Anyway, I sent you and John something (I cant remember what! Maybe a song? Your name just popped up for sharing and I went for it!) a few months, weeks ago. You just showed up in my list of people to share. I have met your Mom and Dad once, up in Bellingham around 95 when I was working in The Highlands, Seattle. I think I drove John up. John has spoken of you a lot and I had gotten a wonderful impression of you and now I know why. I love that you have a website and I love the way you present it! Perlmutter Labs? Sounds very Leary. Send me links to TrackingFacts@gmail.com to send to Joe re your brother. So sorry. Be well, Aaron. My cell phone is 310 710 2703 if you want to bug me. I live in L A.

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